Timber-tec Venetians

Timber-tec Timber Blinds are manufactured to the highest quality, using the latest technology and modern components. Our Timber Blinds shine with beauty and practicality. The modern coatings on our whole Timber blind range make them easy to clean, contributing to a generally "healthy house" atmosphere compared to complex fabric curtains which trap dust and spread it throughout the atmosphere every time they are opened or closed. Timber-tec specializes in custom-sized Wood Blinds of the highest quality, coated in state-of-the-art UV cured finishes. We use 50mm aluminium head rails and the highest quality operating components available.

Timber Blinds are one of the world's most popular and desired window dressings. They are a truly versatile, stylish and extremely functional system of controlling light, privacy, ventilation and insulation.

Our Timber blinds are available in a number of different timbers and can be finished in UV clear lacquers to give you that natural wood look, or we have a large range of painted colours to complement any wall colour.

Whether you live in a hot climate, or in an area where winters are chilly, the excellent insulation properties of wood will keep you cool in the summer or retain warmth in your home in winter. This eases the strain on your cooling or heating budget.


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